Supply Chain

From the point of production to the point of consumption, Voyage Advisory assists with all supply chain concerns; planning and organizing, decision matrices, continuous improvement, problem solving, and creating control processes. Integration, operations, purchasing, and distribution are reliant on one another to provide the most affordable path towards completion.

The Formula for a Successful Supply Chain:

  •       Transparency: Consumer trust and company performance are directly impacted by supply chain visibility. Traceability allows companies to recall and recover products as needed and provide real time data to consumers regarding products.
  •       Optimization: Considering all improvements to tools and processes within defined constraints.
  •       Timing: Real-time information is critical for manufacturing companies to identify customer needs and provide demand insight.
  •       Consistency: The success of any product or process relies on the consistency and product quality. The best brands have a high level of consistency and trust.
  •       Cost Reduction: All changes within the supply chain should focus on the lowest cost possible to deliver a product.

Responding to internal and external factors has been more challenging in recent years due to world pandemics, the increase of reshoring, labor turnover, demand change, automation and software integration, and global competition. Look to Voyage Advisory for assistance with your supply chain concerns.