Program Office 

Have a plan, but need a team? Don’t worry, we’ve got the resources you need. Strategic planning is crucial to all organizations because it sets both the tone and direction for a company to evolve. Having the right resources and tools allows your strategy to come to fruition. 

Voyage Advisory offers a wide range of resources, tools, and expertise to create an effective strategy for your organization to implement. Our team will map out current processes and practices using focus groups and interviews, while identifying key tasks and deliverables to put your strategy into action. We collaborate with your organization’s stakeholders to understand your requirements and establish high-level goals.

Now for the fun part, implementation. Oftentimes, our clients have strong leadership teams who are already committed to implementing other initiatives. We can provide the program and project management functions that you need to see your plans become reality. We have experience providing consultants for a wide variety of program office functions — including program managers, project managers, business analytics, change practitioners, data analytics and beyond.


Our strategic tools and consulting resources include:


  •       Gap Analysis: Comparing current organizational performance to desired future-state performance (taking into account time and cost).
  •       Technology Review: Evaluating current technology/platforms and determining future-state technology requirements and how to leverage these technologies.
  •       Project Metrics: Defining key metrics that will be used to evaluate the success of your organization’s new tailored strategy.
  •       Roadmap: Creating a work plan that includes short and long term activities, including key deliverables, tasks, and milestones.
  •       Program Management & Governance: Establishing a cross-functional, working organization that oversees, organizes, and reports by organizational standards.
  •       Project Management: Advising on the initiation, planning, and execution of a project, while assisting you in navigating constraints and monitoring project progress.
  •       Business Analysis: Documenting your requirements via user stories and use-cases to accurately capture your goals..
  •       Data Science: Leveraging the power of statistical analysis to provide key insights to drive performance via customizable dashboards and visualizations.
  •       Organizational Change Management: Accelerating your business initiatives through change practitioners, who will create effective communications strategies, identify obstacles, and drive goal alignment.
  •       Continuous Improvement: Identifying areas and processes in your organization that can be incrementally refined to improve performance, while frequently evaluating your organization’s progress.

We’re here to help. Our team will guide your organization toward your desired state by helping you set the strategic vision, develop a roadmap, and manage your projects at every stage of the project lifecycle. Optimizing decision-making with business analytics will give your organization the ability to focus on continuously improving processes by using key performance metrics.