Process Design

Process design can help internal personnel, management, and even customers understand how certain activities play out inside your organization. To produce an accurate and comprehensive current-state and future-state process design, we work directly with the teams performing the processes. Via focus groups, surveys, interviews and collective process-mapping sessions, our team will capture an accurate and holistic vision with artifacts the company can use.

  •       Current-State Process Design: Understanding the current quality, context, needs, and objectives through data gathering, interviews, observations, and technology reviews.
  •       Future-State Process Design: Collaborating to maximize the customer experience by clearly defining the goals, metrics, and governance structure that will drive future performance.
  •       Roadmap: Defining steps needed to move from the current-state to the future-state by documenting opportunities, identifying improvement projects, and determining your technology requirements.

Struggling with an existing process or looking to create a new one? Voyage Advisory has a team that will work hand-in-hand with your staff to design processes together and bring the most cost-effective solution to your team.