Operations is delivery-focused, turning inputs into outputs in the most efficient manner possible. We’re fixers and are here to help identify your opportunities for improvement. We conduct time studies to measure work and use activity-based management to evaluate the activities a business performs. By using these tools, Voyage Advisory can identify gaps and make changes to improve overall performance. 

Operational areas to be evaluated:

  •       Overhead Costs: Reducing overhead in areas such as supply chain, procurement, customer service, office functions, and digital support have a large impact on company profitability.
  •       Waste: A common issue that can be mitigated through LEAN concepts. Eliminating activities requiring a lot of time or money with little value will have an immediate impact on profit.
  •       Lack of Planning: Budgeting, forecasting, and overall operational planning is crucial to success. Plan for periods of uncertainty, downward trends, seasonal influences, competitor markets, and economic factors.
  •       Monitoring Performance: Creating key performance indicators will help identify problems or trends, so we can improve customer experience and prevent unnecessary costs.

An operational analysis typically takes 2-4 weeks to complete and provides analytical insight for your company to manage cost, quality, and service. Whether you’re wanting to use LEAN concepts, create plans for success, implement a performance management structure, or all the above, Voyage Advisory has the expertise and tools waiting for you.