The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented change due to regulatory and competitive changes. The business concerns such as cost, claims processing and policy changes provide ongoing operational strategy concerns.

With the massive amount inbound communication on a multiplicity of channels these businesses receive each day, the need for operational strategy and highly organized management systems is vital – both to financial success and the lives of the patients. Excellent customer service is a clear differentiator for any company, but in the case of health insurance organizations, it could literally be a matter of life and death.

Healthcare providers face constant fiscal pressure, yet cost reduction needs to be continuously juxtaposed with the quality of patient care. The complicated web of people, operational processes and sophisticated systems force management to perform a continuous balancing act. The consultants at Voyage Advisory specialize in the business analytics and data analysis required to implement a successful operational strategy unique to each client.

Healthcare providers have to manage a deluge of transactional activity generating multiple paperwork and electronic processing workflows. Each step in the process needs to be carefully considered to increase turnaround time and decrease cost. By partnering with the management, listening carefully to the issues of department heads and collaborating across the organization, we can gather the data, assess the situation and expertly advise the leaders, providing a blueprint for continuous improvement and stellar customer experience.