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The mass departure of employees from their jobs across the country has created an entirely new type of pandemic, starting what many are referring to as the next ‘Great Resignation’.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics an astonishing 4.5 million Americans left their jobs, voluntarily, in November. If you scour company careers web pages across the internet, you’re sure to find dozens to hundreds of job openings, some have even been posted for several months. Chances are if you’re reading this article, you might have a few of those career listings collecting dust on your own site. As more and more companies move to a permanent remote work structure, more and more people are going to find ways to jump ship to those organizations as their company asks them to come back to the office.  So, what can you do?

A New Kind of Hiring Voyage

As a company, you need to be nimble, wicked fast, and think outside the box to innovate your hiring process to fit the current workforce climate. You might even consider partnering with an organization that can expedite the hiring process.  Voyage Advisory is currently helping companies hire successful candidates in 3-5 business days. 

We’ve created a recruiting engine for employee-less companies, like yourself, that will not only fill your empty positions in record-time, but also brings the best of the best together from a national perspective.  We have a large candidate pool to pull from to fulfill any of your hiring needs. However, the main roles that we feature are Program and Project Managers, Organizational Change Management Consultants, Business Analysis Consultants, and Business Intelligence / Data Scientist professionals.  

Activate Your Hiring Process

Don’t let headlines like “the great resignation” and stats like “4.5 million employees resigned” scare you. This is the hottest job market in years, because for every employee that leaves their job, there’s over a million out there looking for a new one. In partnering with Voyage Advisory, you’re joining forces with team that’s already done the research and has the tools to activate your hiring process to fill those empty roles. Our stats right now indicate that we need to get our hands dirty and actively prospect eligible recruits, screen, interview, and present them to clients for internal interview all within 3-5 business days.  Almost every candidate by the end of those 5 days typically has another offer, and they’re not just casually window shopping. As a hiring employer, you need to be ready to jump on the right candidate before someone else does. 

Take control of your hiring, don’t waste opportunities to fill your critical roles or let job postings collect dust and cobwebs on your website. Voyage Advisory is here to expedite the hiring process and help you find the best candidates for your company. Ready to start? Contact us today to start hiring.