Contact Center

One of Voyage Advisory’s primary focus areas is the contact center. Our multi-faceted approach leverages data analysis to inform operational strategy and achieve superior customer experience, consistency in quality and service, corporate objectives and increasing profitability.

Managing this part of a company’s workforce is pivotal to ongoing business growth and profitability. The call center is the front door customers, and we can help companies achieve great customer service while decreasing costs and increasing efficiency.

Contact centers are data-rich environments, but data alone doesn’t constitute information. Some companies invest heavily in technology, which provides a deluge of available data. Yet this doesn’t automatically translate into a roadmap for operational improvement. The key is to convert data into information and to use such information to set prudent operational strategy.

Contact centers represent a substantial cost to most companies.

It is critical that every dollar allocated to contact centers be spent carefully and strategically. We carefully identify how to deploy the right resources at the right time at the right place to strike an optimum balance of quality, service and cost. Our consultants are experienced at identifying and leading engagements to help our clients achieve multi-million cost savings challenges.

Contact centers need the right technology, and they need to surround it with the right people and processes.

We help our clients look at what their customer really wants and how best to manage their human capital to deliver it effectively and efficiently. Our management advisors provide experienced leadership, with an approach integrating data analysis with practical customer service advice and techniques.

Regardless of whether the organization is a customer service team staffed by a few individuals or a sophisticated, global call center network of thousands, we can help in every phase of customer contact.