Back Office

The back office is customer service, too.

Whether an application for a passport, the documentation for a mortgage, the form mailed back in reply to a credit card offer, an electronic request for a brokerage account, or the adjusting of an auto insurance claim, back office processing operations are ubiquitous and serve a vital role in fulfilling requests of customers.

Voyage Advisory provides business process reengineering and other management consulting services in back office operations – decreasing turnaround times, improving consistency, increasing quality, and decreasing unit cost. Our balanced, yet focused, approach considers the management, training, handoffs, systems and controls within the process.

Every customer interaction needs to be handled properly the first time to stay competitive, ensure customer satisfaction, and to maintain a solid brand image. Furthermore, when the back office falls behind it reflects poorly on the rest of the company and generates additional volume into the contact center.

Many companies have purchased extensive workflow management tools, which generally decrease the mountains of paper and allow for better data security. However, a digital process sometimes needs additional tweaking to deliver value to the customer. The steps of the process still need to be carefully considered. The work queues still need to be adequately staffed. The output needs to be supported by a consistent quality process to ensure that the customer’s request is properly fulfilled.

To provide cost-effective and consistent service from the back office, it is necessary to understand the end-to-end process, the participating teams and the elemental work activities at each step along the way to complete the work.

Key performance indicators are vital to achieve superior quality, low cost, customer experience in high volume transactional environments. Metrics need to be defined, automated whenever possible, and reviewed regularly by management to ensure consistent quality, service and cost within the back office. From back to front and start to finish, we help companies design and implement the most effective strategies that balance customer care with cost-effectiveness.