Change Management

The opportunity to increase your return on investment by employing a change management approach is substantial. Whether it’s through process improvement, a restructured workforce, or enhanced technology implementation, a structured change management process can alleviate obstacles and accelerate your success. 

Voyage Advisory has the change management expertise to understand your requirements and implement a change management plan that helps you efficiently move from your current to future state. At Voyage Advisory our methodology includes the largely successful Prosci ADKAR model. The Prosci methodology serves as a template that we use to help you navigate changes in your organization. However, we know this isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” world. We leverage our expertise and flexibility to create a plan and approach that best suits your needs..

The Prosci ADKAR Model:

  •       Awareness: Bringing attention to the need for change and making certain that all stakeholders understand the driving forces behind why the change is necessary
  •       Desire: Attaining stakeholder buy-in, as well as active and visible participation in making change happen
  •       Knowledge: Providing access to information and training that is necessary to implement your change initiatives
  •       Ability: Performing the required tasks and implementing change with the knowledge gained through training
  •       Reinforcement: Ensuring that the proper resources, structures, and metrics are in place to make change last

We get it, multiple changes can cause some uncertainty in your organization, but change can also create excitement as well as opportunity for growth. One of the biggest impediments to successful change is resistance. Resistance can come in many different forms both active and passive, but our change management experts anticipate and mitigate change resistance by proactively identifying sources of resistance and creating action plans to resolve them.

Voyage Advisory will ensure that your goals for successful change are aligned with your organization’s mission and vision.