How We Work

Our team of management consultants work seamlessly with your team to achieve your goals. We don’t stop at slide decks – we embrace the hard work and implement meaningful change. Discover more about our approach.

Collaborative focus groups and workshops

Workshops and interviews capture the goals, direction and problems of the client. From the front-line staff to the CEO, we gather information from every corner of the organization and compile it to generate the most accurate and comprehensive view. Through a process of interviews, brainstorming and surveys, we attempt to assemble and synthesize this information to illuminate opportunities to improve quality, service, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Time in motion studies

By performing side-by-side observation of the organizational activities performed thousands of times per day, we are able to understand the steps required to complete a particular task, the system capabilities, process opportunities, and average task times. Our unique approach allows for data generation and analysis far beyond what is systematically available. Results are then analyzed and used for resource modeling, process reengineering, quality improvements, decreased turnaround time, and decreased unit costs.

Activity-based resource modeling

Once we succinctly identify all activities involved in an organization, we structure a model for cost reduction and increased productivity, both of which are carefully balanced to ensure solid customer service. We apply what we learn from work observation to each task, determine the required staffing level and create a model to gauge the productivity of employees and teams.

Data analysis

Without good information, it is impossible for management to make good decisions. We integrate and analyze available data sources. When data is limited, we roll up our sleeves and develop a statistically significant dataset based upon activity observation. We then integrate all available data sources to provide a balanced perspective and situational awareness of the underlying operational facts. Facts then enable us to make solid recommendations to business management.

Journey maps

We work with clients to create compelling stories that depict the stages customers go through when interacting with a company, from buying products online to accessing customer service on the phone to airing grievances on social media.