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We want to recruit the best and the brightest while screening out the arrogant and abrasive. We’re always looking for more peak performers who have a passion for business, a willingness to travel, a joy in solving problems and a work ethic that doesn’t rest until the job is done. Our consultants grow when they deliver value for our clients.

We treat our former consultants like alumni.

We believe we have developed a firm that will challenge the individual, engage the team player and forge a path of long-term, continuous, career and financial growth. Nevertheless, we know that our paths may sometimes diverge, and if they do our hope is that our relationships will be a revolving door. If a consultant leaves to become an executive somewhere, he or she may become a future client, or return as a more well-rounded consultant. We understand this, which is why our mentoring process provides the opportunity for earnest dialogue about long-term career objectives.

We believe in recruiting industry pioneers and cultivating advancement within the firm.

Our clients aren’t looking for the status quo. Neither are we. There are many bright people who can read a newspaper or learn from a publication. We’re looking for the sort of people who understand the trends of today and are traversing a path forward – the people who will be covered in tomorrow’s newspaper and will write the ground-breaking articles for an upcoming publication.

Our consultants don’t know everything. Because of this, we are constantly learning.

We work diligently to remain the best and the brightest. Yet, we couple our knowledge with humility and approachability that makes our clients work with us again and again. We listen, learn and innovate each day in order to ensure we are continuously providing our clients with logical solutions and quantifiable results.

We are passionate. We will make a meaningful impact to our customers, employees and world.

We look to hire management consultants whose motivation is more than a healthy paycheck. Our ultimate goal is to make an impact – to make a difference in the marketplace, to improve business operations and to enhance the lives of our employees and the clients we serve. We aim to channel our skills and resources to help our families, serve our communities and shape a better world.